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I'm Dan McDonald, a Swift Developer who writes for iOS and iPadOS.

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I’m a Swift developer, with a little obsession for details and an eye for simplicity in design. I work, writing in native Swift, to create powerful, and unique solutions. I’m a strong advocate for accessibility and privacy in applications.

I have a sense for minimalism and simplicity, and I create a strong and engaging user experience, carefully considered from mockup to release, designed without the need for useless trinkets or expensive features. I write exceptionally clean, documented, and well tested code, to create scalable, future-ready applications. I have a true fascination with Apple’s design and software choices, and carefully alter my own designs to be in keeping with the current designs.

Learning & Teaching

I consume Swift blog posts, podcasts, tweets, and discussions in order to stay updated and get a greater understanding of where the field is right now, and the direction in which it’s heading, allowing me to gain insights into future developments and plan accordingly.

At university, I've previously taught a handful of people at undergraduate and post-graduate levels their coding fundamentals, focussing on mathematical concepts and implementation of these logical ideas to fufill their own degree objectives.

Interface Development

I believe a good interface should go by unnoticed, and be usable by all. Because of this, I consider multiple accessibility domains when designing and building applications. I consider the visuals of the UI, in light, dark, and warmth-adjusted variants, as well as crucial accessibility modes such as sight impairment and adaptive font. For the animation, I consider the interaction of the interface during use, the appropriate style of animation based on the user’s input, and when not to use distracting or flashy animations. I consider the sound design of user interface elements, as well as the often-overlooked physical haptic feedback from devices as a result of our actions. I have to balance these user- focussed features with a client’s budget every time I create an application.

Work Environment

I’ve worked in individual; client-led; and collaborative environments, working on projects with AGILE workflows and multiple concurrent objectives. I've also worked with, and been contracted by, development agencies for multiple projects where I've been able to use my knowledge in the SwiftUI framework to streamline a feature or development process.

Code Hygiene

When writing code, I meticulously document everything, conform to consistent verb patterns, and use a standardised, tidy ways of doing things. I also frequently use a linter for consistency in the code’s formatting and style, and will often collaborate with other developers on the team to create a unanimous standardised format for us all to use, and then encourage it's use.

Swift (5 years)
HTML & CSS (3 years)
Kotlin (1 year)
Obj-C (1 year)
MatLab (basics)
Python (basics)
C++ (basics)
C# (basics)
Technical Skills
Core Data
RESTful web services
CI / CD Flows
Teaching coding skills and techniques
0Auth / Auth0
Localisation (Individual & Scale)
Framework Experience
Google Firebase
PayPal Braintree
AppKit (Swift)
UIKit (Swift)
MapKit (Swift)
WebKit (Swift)
CoreData (Swift)
Network (Swift)
User Interface Skills
Client-led Interface Prototyping
Apple’s User Interface Guidelines
Accessibility Design Guidelines
WCAG (2.1)
Vector graphic illustration

Single-Developer Clients

These clients are development projects where I was the sole or only technical member. Often, this includes architecture; design process; building the MPV; iterations; fixes; privacy policies; and release.

iOS Consultant • 2020-2021

Nommm Food

Brought Nommm Food’s application idea to design document stage, ready to be sent off to investors. This involved creating the algorithm; designing the monetisation strategy; creating clean, accessibility-first interfaces; networking with other startups to design custom APIs; and prototyping the interface through mockups and interface designs.

Self Employed • 2016-Present

Dan McDonald

Averaging around one application per six months, I design, test, code and release my own applications, mostly in the Utilities/Productivity areas. The majority of these tools are utilities that were created for my own personal use, and then polished, and published, for wider use.

Developer • 2018-2019

University of Birmigham

Working with the University of Birmingham's Guild of Student's Yoga society, I developed iOS & Android applications to function as an organisational social media hub for paid Yoga classes; managing information about events; classes; equipment hire; attendance; and finances; allowing the administrators to organise everything from a single custom service.

Consultant & Developer • 2016-2018

Perfect Ripple

Initially bought on for consultancy and aid in approaching the mobile market, and designing a product based on their service. Placed as lead developer to build both iOS & Android applications designed to help international students choose anglicised names.

Web Developer • 2020-2021

Flipping Privacy

Created a simple questions-and-answers style website with straight forward, actionable things you can do right now to improve your digital hygiene and online privacy.

iPadOS Developer • 2016

Rhythmic Learning

Developed an iPad application for use by 3-6 year olds, as part of an interactive lesson plan designed to teach young children the fundamentals of music and rhythm.

Multi-Developer Clients

These clients are development projects where I was a member of a technical team, or sole developer working in collaboration with other technical departments, in order to create or distribute a product.

Swift Developer • 2020

StaffPad Ltd

Initially bought on to help with updating the Store interface for the Apple Design Award winning application, ended up using translation experience to localise the entire application, including some legacy code, into multiple different languages, as well as starting movement on how to streamline some of the legacy interface code using SwiftUI.

Swift Developer • 2020


Worked collaboratively on multiple applications for an array of clients as an iOS developer, using an ‘Agile’ workflow, as part of an agency. Worked on enterprise applications for Grosvenor Credit Management, and public applications such as Fatface Rewards, and travel-based social media platform, Buddyng.

iOS & iPadOS Lead • 2021

Nectar Imports

Brought in by an agency to take over from a previous developer, and completely re-develop the application from the ground up using SwiftUI. This involved implementing existing backend frameworks and APIs, designed for the old application, and re-engineering them to function within the SwiftUI framework.