I'm Dan McDonald, a Swift Developer who writes for iOS and iPadOS.

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Firstly, let's say hello via email at the bottom of this page. After that, we can have a proper conversation about the idea you’ve got, and how we could start making it real.

We can text, call, meet in coffee shops, email, write formal letters, send mail via pigeon, or video chat about how it’s going.

We keep going until it’s done. It’s that simple.

What I make
Apple Apps

I specialise in natural, easy to use iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps and experiences. Using your app should require no effort, and most importantly, no thought. This is where I come in - I design, test, and create apps that work reflexively and intuitively, as you do, without the user ever being told what to do.

Infinite possibilities
1.4 Billion Devices

In today's world, phones function as an extension of ourselves. Our minds are smarter than the best scholars and academics a few hundred years ago, and this is all because of our phones.

Our devices extend our mind. Instead of fetching knowledge from our brain, we increasingly fetch it from our pockets - and that's okay.

Humans are currently the smartest and most connected we've ever been, and have the serious potential to get even smarter.

Apps are how this information gets to us. Most of the data gets to our brain visually, some of it through haptics and vibrations, and the rest through sounds and audio. We use smart watches, home assistants, and our personal devices to aid us in our daily lives.

My job as a developer is to manage these methods to create the fastest and simplest way of getting your information into a user's brain, where they can do something useful with it.

How it starts
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Everyone's using apps for everything in today's world. There’s hundreds of ways to write apps, and billions of people who need to use them. So why not get in touch, I'm always open for business.